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End Impunity in Syria and Other Parts of the World

Petition to HM Government

under leadership of David Cameron

We, the undersigned, urge HM Government to take immediate action on the international crisis in Syria. In particular, we urge the Government to put stop to impunity of those who engage in crimes against humanity and commit some of the worse inhumane and torturous acts against innocent civilians.

We have proposed certain changes that in our opinion, if implemented by the International Criminal Court, will go a long way to ensure effective indictment and punishment of those who engage in the type of atrocities and brutal violations of the universal human rights we have been witnessing in Syria. We urge you to be the first Member State representative to take a stand against those atrocities and put forward our proposal to the International Criminal Court which, in our opinion, will help secure the indictment and apprehension of people bearing responsibility for some of the worst atrocities we have witnessed in the 21st century.

We urge you to take the two following actions:

1)       We urge you, as the Member State representative, to make the following proposal for an amendment to the International Criminal Court:

Any Member State to be able to refer any situation in which one or more crimes were committed to the International Criminal Court, requesting the prosecutor to commence an investigation into the matter without requiring the State Party to provide prima facie supporting documentary evidence of the crime being committed, as long as the alleged crime was committed within a territory for which the Court has jurisdiction. It is for the Court’s prosecution to investigate and to seek evidence of the suspected crimes.   This, we believe, will make it easier to initiate Court proceedings against suspected criminals.


2)       We urge you to put a proposal for a resolution before the United Nations Security Council to call for a new supranational law to be created, which will see the creation of an enforcement mechanism to effectively apprehend those individuals against whom the Court issued a warrant of arrest.

            The proposal will call for:

·          The new enforcement mechanism to be activated when any State in the world refuses to cooperate in the surrender and apprehension of a criminal against whom the Court issued a warrant of arrest;

·          An enforcement service to be created and to work on behalf of the United Nations. The enforcement service to be used ad hoc whenever and wherever requested by the Court;

·          The enforcement service to also consist of the United Nations and to allow the Court to ask any Member State for assistance with apprehension of people indicted by the Court;

·          This Member State enforcement participation mechanism should be one of a voluntary nature for every Member State who wishes to help the Court in apprehension of criminals against whom the Court issued warrants of arrest;

·          A legal obligation of the International Criminal Court to apprehend a criminal against whom the Court issued a warrant of arrest, using the enforcement mechanism described above, if the indicted person is on the territory of a State party who refuses to release him/her into custody of the Court.

We, the undersigned, believe that by putting forward these proposals you will reaffirm commitment of the United Kingdom to preserve peace, human rights, and dignity, as well as to end impunity for the most serious crimes. We urge you to put forward the outlined proposals as soon as possible to prevent further suffering of nations affected by gross human rights violations all over the world, and in Syria in particular.

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